Our Approach

Fatigue & Fibromyalgia clinic is part of Leicester Ozone Clinic  (LOC) for Oxidative Medicine. We are the first comprehensive Oxidative Medicine centre in Leicestershire that focuses on treating chronic fatigue and pain symptoms. The clinic is  exclusively run by a team of medically qualified consultants.


Oxidative Medicine is based on the principle of balancing oxidants & anti-oxidants to reduce the "oxidative stress”. Chronic low grade oxidative stress is the underlying mechanism for ageing and has also been linked to most chronic diseases, including fatigue and fibromyalgia. 

After a thorough assessment and the exclusion of other potential illnesses (such as Lyme disease, autoimmune disorders, nutritional deficiencies) we will provide you with a detailed individualised therapy plan addressing the root causes. We will aim to help you with:


  • Feeling tired 

  • Brain fog

  • Pain Management 

  • IBS

  • Depression

  • Dizziness

In our oxidative medicine tools we use various ozone therapy applications, intravenous nutritions and various other techniques depending on the clinical situation. Please see our therapy hub at Leicester ozone clinic for more details about these techniques.